Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm back!!!!

Hellooo! After that long and lovely holiday we are home at last, and settling back into normal life. We have been home for a couple of days, but those have been filled with washing and unpacking and stocking the fridge and re-establishing ourselves. Now that the lawn has been watered, the dogs have been washed, the tables all have various persons' belongings scattered across them, and hubby has gone back to work, it is time to get on with 2009.

A brief synopsis of our four week Great Mainland Epic Adventure:

  • hubby catches ferry to Melbourne, the kids and I fly over the following morning
  • three days driving up to Coffs Harbour, via family friends in Yass, girlfriend in Nowra, four uni friends from way back in the early Nineties, and about four Driver Reviver stations up the coast
  • eight days with my family in Coffs, including brother and his fiancĂ©e for Xmas, and saw some high school friends to boot
  • three days driving from Coffs to Hay, stopping in Nundle (oh yes indeedy do, and I have goodies to prove it) and Blayney, where we enjoyed the company of Kiss My Frog's family for New Year's Eve/Day (but without the late night in between - so many young and cranky children)
  • eight days in Hay, lots and lots of hubby's relatives came for his mum's 60th b'day party so we saw everyone!! His sisters came with their broods too so there was a glorious swirl of little cousins roaming around the whole time
  • two nights in Lockhart, catching up with more of my family and various friends from our time there
  • a night in Wagga with hubby's younger sister and family, admiring their renovations and enjoing the chance to see them without everyone else around
  • four nights in Melbourne, cramming in every child-focussed activity we could, and some nice food here and there too
  • home again, the kids and I by plane and taxi, hubby home the next day after a rocky night on the ferry
I have yet to organise, tag or upload pics, but that is high on this week's agenda - which includes school books x 2, work computer dropoff/pickup, dogs to vet for shots, two small girl b'day parties, present shopping for same, paint samples for bathroom and lounge room, shoe shopping, the hunt for Noro Kureyon #188, clothes shopping, and normal range of housely activities, oh plus more baking-for-the-freezer...

And I just finished the last of the Melbourne chocolate.

ps I'll tell you about all the car knitting when I have pics uploaded!