Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Posy cosy is done!!

My first FO for the year is the tea cosy for my MIL. Graduated green ruffles topped with an array of loud and gorgeous flowers. My MIL is thrilled, as am I to see that I got it right, and that is surely good knitting karma with which to begin 2009. There will be pics soon, I promise, but my computer is having some overheating issues, and I am borrowing my in-laws' computer for a minute, so I don't like to take up their bandwidth with too many knitting photos.
We are in Hay, though not for long, and have been saying how much we do not miss 35.2*, nor 37.3*, nor 38*C. We don't even miss 29*C. Yay Hobart! Our travels are not yet over, but normal bloggin will resume on or after the 16th Jan. There have been old friends, family friends, family, more family, and new friends too this holiday, and still more people to see and places to go over the next week.
Oh, and I have to check out some yarn shops in Melbourne next week - my MIL wants another tea cosy, this time in Noro Kureyon. Oh the hardship of the shoppping. (Did I mention my stop-over in Nundle?)
leaving you all on that tantalising note,
I'll catch up with you all soon.