Saturday, February 14, 2009

It feels like forever

but it's only a little more than a week since I last blogged. Isn't it weird how easily we accept the artificial dissection of time into seconds, minutes and hours and yet still live our lives in totally subjective thought-processes that perceive those same scientifically-determined units of absolute measurement as going faster or slower than some personal average....

For instance, my days have been flying by, except for those minutes stuck in traffic or waiting out a tantrum; those particular periods of time have dragged on a slowly as they could without actually warping the space-time continuum.

School has gone back, so I have had four days full of meetings, yr 7 orientation sessions, scrabbling for books for teachers and students anxious to have something to do in the first week, and increasingly frustrating efforts to get on with things whilst around us the IT is doing its best to look like extremely expensive non-functioning objets de not-art. The poor IT team are ready to go into complete meltdown - an entire shipment of brand-new desktop computers refuse to allow anyone to log on to the school network, and for part of the week other bits of the intranet refused to let anyone use their email or access the internet, even from previously perfectly happy pieces of teachnology.
Today I indulged in some retail therapy to help me get over it all - OFIS, the office-supplies offshoot of Hardly Normal, has tanked, so they are closing stores all over the country and putting nice discounts on everything. I bought up lots of things we've been hankering for - laminating machine, label-printer, big hole-punch, digital photo-frame etc etc etc. I did get prior approval from my boss, which is good because I did get a bit excited about buying new binders to house our files, sign-holders, highlighter pens - so many things that were waiting for the new year's budget.

We also went looking at bunk beds for our daughters - Miss V is ready to sleep in a proper bed, but it would be a very tight squeeze to put twin beds in their room and still find room for drawers or toy boxes. We will be going back tomorrow I think to buy a nice white-painted wooden set. There were also some cheap but nice mugs for my office, the MOMD got excited about some fishing gear, and we wandered through various tents but have not quite convinced ourselves to buy any yet.

After all of that, you will be unsurprised to hear that there has been very little happening on the knitting scene - a few rounds on a sock for the MOMD, Granma's Fetchings are still missing the second thumb, and I haven't been able to do anything more exciting than fondle the yarn I bought last Saturday - oh, and start swatching the silk.
right now I have to go put the chook in the oven, but if time permits I'll take pics and post them later on - otherwise you'll just have to bide your time.

Oh, and my computer's power supply died last week, and yesterday the girl at the Apple shop worked out that it was the power cable itself, so I am back at my lovely MacBook Pro, although the dang thing is heating up again so I'm a bit concerned that this is merely a lull...
Wish me luck!