Sunday, February 15, 2009


Proof of knitting, of colour, and of imminent tea cosy.

The Woven Stitch Tea Cosy from Australian Yarn Art, a ridiculously easy pattern that is using up a handful of leftover Colinette Point Five (or One Zero, I can't remember which) and some of the ubiquitous purple 8ply (probably Cleckheaton, judging by the failed Tychus from which it is being reclaimed).
Part one knitted last night, part two on the needles, then a lining and sewing together and the Icord trim if I feel like it, and my small pot will have a tea cosy!!!
The Colinette is red and orange and pink with the occasional chesnutty bit, which is popping beautifully against the rich purple. Talk about livening up the brown kitchen benchtop!!

Sadly, this joyous endeavour is being interrupted by an unavoidable chore - I must do some homework to prepare for tomorrow's lessons, lest I end up with nothing for my classes to do and therefore cause myself massive amounts of stress and create circumstances that require ongoing damage-control.

le sigh.