Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bear With Me

Last night I sat up late tidying up files, deleting old software and bits and bobs, and then I installed Mac OS X Leopard, and this morning I added iLife '09 and iWork '09. So this weekend I will be getting used to using the newer versions of the basic software, and reacquainting myself with Pages and Keynote, both of which will apparently talk to Office 07 - quite useful now that work has upgraded everything.
In more computer geekery, I'm thinking it could be time to set up a Wordpress blog, so I can do galleries and stuff, so there may be some messing around taking up my time. I can't promise lots of blogging while that happens, but I can tell you that I've nearly finished the ribbing on the body of my Something Navy, and with two dance classes to watch this morning, I should get quite a bit done! I'm also feeling the sock urge - as Tink noted, it is definitely feeling autumnal down here - today the wind is gusting pretty fiercely (up to 54km/h according to the weather site), and even though it is supposed to warm up later, currently it is only 14.4* C, and my feet are not warm.
I hope you've all got some fun planned for your weekend!