Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Boys. They like to run around. They run around on whatever surfaces they have handy. Boys like my son are prone to running around and slipping on damp grass. Boys like my son are prone to running around and slipping on damp grass and faceplanting. Boys like my son do not faceplant on the grass. Boys like my son faceplant on the tarmac road beside the grass.
Nose: grazed, light bruising.
Forehead: 1cm horizontal split about 1cm below the hairline, grazing.

Of course, being up there near the scalp it bled profusely, but thankfully a bit of phoning got us in to see the doctor fairly quickly for cleaning up and butterfly strips to stick it back together again. Bruise, big lump, extra strips to take home.


Lunchtime: reappearance of son, because he thought it would be too boring to find something to do in the library (understand he reads like a person who enjoys books, so this statement was a little amusing), so he played handball instead. Imagine his surprise when physical activity started things bleeding again, making the clear plastic 'skin' a beautiful scarlet bulge in the centre of his forehead. Very attractive. I believe I may have had some firm, unamused words for him at that point.

So, he's fine, we go home a little early (I did not want him to try the handball trick again after school), pick up daughters, get home, DD#1 decides she'd like to play over the road, no she can't they're not home. DD#1 thinks that whinging is going to help. It doesn't. Escalation. Flat refusal to allow her to go over at all. Further escalation. She spent the next 3 1/2 hours in her room, had dinner there, no dessert, has a big mess to clean up this afternoon, lost some of her belongings, and is not allowed to invite the other friend to her bday party. (hysterical sobbing, tissue but no sympathy)

I did not do any schoolwork last night.


I love them, but really, sometimes I could do without the drama.

Please can today be boring???