Monday, March 09, 2009

Time to Take Stock

There was a sunny autumn afternoon yesterday, one of my favourite parts of the year. Tassie has a public holiday today, so the combination of nice weather and extra time and children sleeping or playing somewhere else made me decide to have my afternoon tea outside, on a rug, with my four most current bags of knitting and a camera. Oh, and dogs, but I had washed them that morning so their presence was fluffy and non-pongy.
I have been thinking for a while that I have lots of WIPs needing a little effort to be FOs, and lots of UFOs which need a bit of investigation (where is it up to? do I still know what it is? are any of my children that size anymore?), so it would be a good idea to lay them out one by one and work out what needs doing in what order.
March mosaic

Little things: tea cosy - needs lining and sewing up and embellishing.
Sock: needs darning
Fingerless mitts: despite the name, they lack only a thumb
Something Navy: about 2" till waste ribbing begins
Vogue linen blend cardi: must finish back, one sleeve and other front (and check front lengths against back, because the apparent weirdness is why this stalled)
Forget-Me-Not Shawl: 4 1/2 repeats done
Berlin Muster sock: needs heel and foot
Anastasia sock: 1/2 foot done
orange socks for son: barely started
Doll for DD#1 - needs sewing, stuffing etc
Random child's sock - cuff started on second. (I don't know where the picture for that went)
Argosy scarf: needs the needles back!!

So far today I have finished the tea cosy - I decided that a one-cup pot doesn't need a lining, because it doesn't have to stay hot for more time than it takes to steep. The extra wool will become mug cosies, because my mugs of tea are going colder quicker than the tea in the pot.
I have done half a repeat on the shawl to make it 5 repeats of the blossom chart. There are 7 repeats in all, followed by border and edging, so I could be nearly halfway!!! Definite incentive to get going.
Next up: the thumb and the darning. Something Navy is tv and blogging knitting - too monotonous to do on its own. I'd like to get the Berlin socks done soon - it's getting cooler and I need more socks. Also the Argosy will be fun to wear, so that is moving up the ranks. If I get it done this week the doll could be a bday prezzie for DD#1 - stealth finishing is required. Anastasia socks are work/car knitting - non-urgent. Son's socks - ditto. Randome child's sock - it'll be there in the 'whenever' pile.
Also yesterday, as I cleared things out, I found all those snippets of yarn left over from casting on and off. Some were long enough to get me thinking...