Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A little here, a little there...

What have I been doing? A bit of uni, a bit of housework, a LOT of washing (yay babies), a bit of knitting, and plenty of blog-reading.
For instance:
Reading this definition of startitis (with which I am certainly afflicted!) has got me wondering – is there a complementary condition where you speed through a project until there are only the seams or buttonholes or tidying up to do, and grind to a complete halt, the project becoming just another sedimentary layer in the knitting basket? Unfinishitis, incompletism, sickofititis??? So many of my UFOs are actually symptoms of this insidious affliction… :}

And this:
Socktoberfest!!! I am so knitting myself some socks with my lovely loud sock yarn!

And my Clapotis is up to the last half-repeat of the increase section - however I am going to do a few more repeats, as I have 4 balls of LL's Lion & Lamb with which to make an astoundingly gorgeous clappy that will wrap me all up in its silky fabulousness!!!
And how exciting are all the imminent wisteria flowers?? the front railing is going to smothered in shades of purple for months - Excellent!!!

And last but not least - check out my sidebar: I have been busy in the lands of webrings, buttons and html!