Sunday, October 15, 2006


TaDa!! A Very Nearly Finished Object!!!

Today's Fashion Cardi is Knitwear for the Discerning Baby - The Colours are Feminine yet Subtle, The Style is Practical Comfort, The Look is Comfy Fashion

I Did It! I Did It! I Did It! Yay!!!

It's only taken me 3 1/2 + years!!!
I began this cardi for my daughter S, who is 3 1/2 yrs old now, but got to the point of sewing it up when I realised that one front had come out a whole lot lighter than the other - all wool from the same dyelot, but obviously one ball was from the end of the dyerun. As a relative newbie, I did not notice/realise until it was TooLate, at which point I put it in the Stash Boxes in disgust. Guilt, plus a sense of I Will Not Be Beaten By Inanimate Balls of Wool, got the pieces out, frogged and reknit the offending front, blocked them, then ran out of puff (I was preggers with V - I have many excuses).
Then I did the bands on the fronts once we got to Hobart, got out my Simply Fabulous Knitting, and did the shoulder seams. When I first knit this cardi, I did not know of the Wonder That Is the Three Needle Bind-Off - thus, the seam is horrible, won't lie flat, and if I wasn't so sick of it I would have unpicked all the castoff stitches and redone them - BUT if V is going to wear this AT ALL, it must be this month, because we had bushfires last week, and you don't get them when it's cold!
But the side seams look pretty good I think. What's also amusing is that even if I had finished this earlier, like late August, V couldn't have worn it anyway - there's about 4" of ease around the middle now that she is 3 1/2 months - she would have drowned in it at 1 month!! (S was a March baby - I was knitting it to fit a 3-months-in-June-baby)

Today we are going shopping for buttons (I don't want crochet bobble buttons like the pattern suggests), I want flat ones to let the baby lie on it's tummy without scarring :). Also we must shop for b'day prezzie for hubby - 34 tomorrow! He sneakily took the kids shopping after J's karate yesterday, without asking for clues or anything, for my b'day prezzie (33 on Tuesday). Yes, 2 Librans, we even married on the 3rd October 8 yrs ago, it's a miracle we make any decisions at all!!
So, retail therapy, followed by cafe lunch therapy, followed by convincing S and V to snooze simultaneously after lunch, so I can too.... zzzz..zzz...zz..z....sshhnnargghhsss..zzzz - then maybe some knitting tonight! Yay!!

Vital Statistics
  • Pattern: Design Eight in the Cleckheaton 10 Baby Handknits in 8plys, pamphlet #907

  • Yarn: Cleckheaton Tapestry 8ply 100% wool, colour #16 (I think - same as that first sock I knit last month), who knows how much - maybe 5 or 6 balls, I bought lots to do the hat and leggings, so I have random bits left over everywhere

  • Needles: 3.25 and 4mm needles, casein timbergrain straights (I think - it's been a while)

  • Alterations - none, other than not embellishing with big scary crop circles like in the pattern

  • Start date: sometime in the 6 months before 14thMarch 2003

  • Completion date: 15th October 2006