Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We resume our normal service

We are online!!
The MOMD had to reconstruct a defunct phone socket (in J's room) in order to save the kitchen bench from further chaos, so now long cords snake their way across floors and under doors, to provide connectivity in the rumpus room (where we really need it) instead of the kitchen or front entryway (where we don't)

Knitting content: Are you crazy??? We just moved house!!! I have found my knitting bag, some of my books, and lots of boxes - now to find the next balls of brown and purple for the Glass And A Half Tychus, oh and some time (ha! double Ha!!)

BUT I have to admit, I want that Nantucket Jacket... Wonder if it'd look good in a deep red?

PS Baby V is trying really hard to chew the corner off my Mac laptop with her 2 lovely teeth - happily, she is not succeeding :>