Thursday, September 20, 2007

HP7!!! (No spoilers)

I should have been doing other things (not least of which is the washing up!) but instead I finished Harry Potter 7!!!
To me, this book was much like the Hogwarts Express - a slow start, lots of steam and huffing and puffing, gradually increasing in speed until finally it thunders to its arrival at the ultimate exciting destination! It took me a while to get into it, but the second half of the book only took me a couple of days (had I not had those kids/housework/prior appointments, it would only have been one day!!!)
Glad to have finished it, had a few ideas confirmed, other things took me totally by surprise - even more so because it is 2 years since I read #6, and I had forgotten so many of the small details that later become inportant (as is always the case in any quest fantasy).

Now I just have to keep denying my 7 yr old too many spoilers until he is old enough to read the series/see all the movies!!