Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In Which We Meet the Wonderful 2Paw!

To continue our story:

After wending our way vaguely northwards from Hobart, and stopping in Ross for lunch, where we admired the Ross Bridge and I sauntered past Rambo on the way into the Wool Centre (16.5 micron lamb's wool??? words fail me...), then back into the car, and time to put the finishing touches on a dpn wallet for a very starry blogger...
With great amazement we got ourselves to the meeting point right on time, and shortly thereafter 2Paw found us and took us to an excellent cafe, where we sat and tea'd and munched and chatted and gifted until the sun went behind the building and it was time to go.
We headed back towards the car, bumping into Amanda along the way, then packed ourselves and our goodies in and off we went towards the Hometown of Tinkingbell.