Monday, September 24, 2007

SO, I know you're all dying to know about my weekend!!!!

Well, where do I start?
With the first meeting?
With the road trip?
With the late start?
With the last-minutes?

No!! With the reason!!

So, about two weeks ago now, I was emailing back and forth with Tink, who said wouldn't it be fun to meet up if ever I was up her way, which of course I thought was a fabulous idea, so I shared it with my husband, who said "what've we got on this weekend?" SQUEEEE!!! Do you see why this is the Man Of My Dreams??? While not interested in providing me with unlimited credit for yarn shopping, he is quite happy to suggest a road trip to meet knitbloggers, knowing full well that there would be endless talking about knitting, and he would be doing a whole lot more child-wrangling while I ignored them as much as possible!! I LOVE this man!!!!

So, that weekend was not good (Sunday already allocated to knitting with Penni and Jen), so we looked at this past weekend, and thought - yes, why not? Tink would be free, 2paw indicated her willingness to meet up as we passed through her hometown, the MOMD took an RDO on Friday, and we got on with it.

So, Thursday night, some less-than-cooperative children and resultant lethargy conspired to tell me that before anything else (including packing) I must finish Harry Potter 7!!! So I did, it was good, some excellent twists which I hadn't predicted at all, and all tied up neatly at the end. *happy sigh*

So, preparations. Where's that prezzie for 2paw....oh. Cut out, ironed, and NOT FINISHED!! Sewing machine, pins, dpn to check sizes etc - 12.45am Friday I clipped the last thread and declared it done. (ribbons to sew on in car) Brownies for Tink? Do in the morning...

So, Friday morning, I get up and make orange cherry brownies (oh yes), then there is sorting washing for clean clothes to take, breakky for peoples, bags for kids, toys for kids, etcetcetc, and young mr 7 says
"I want to make something in the car"
"what do you want to make?"
"A knitting bag, to give to Tink like you made for your other friend"
"um, I don't think it will be very easy to sew a bag in the car..."
"can I use your sewing machine please please please please?"
"wait till I finish making these brownies and I'll teach you"
So, mr 7 had his first outing on the sewing machine, and it was good!!

So, we eventually get it all together and pack the car, and I check the mailbox - Dishrag Tag, after all this time, arrived the morning of my road trip!?!?!?!?! The Knitting Muses (I'll have to check the earlier series of Cast-on to figure out which one in particular - maybe Thalia (for fun) or Erato (for knitting for others), or Clio (knitting that holds memories)) were no doubt rolling around laughing with tears streaming down their faces: they had, of course, been watching me dither around my house for half an hour deciding what knitting to take for car and room and visit knitting, only to have it all completely changed by the importance of casting on my dishrag moments after opening the box!

So, I get the box, get my pattern, put computer and purse and cables in the bag, dash for the car, and off we go! And half an hour later I realise the computer and purse and cables are still in the bag in the rumpus room :P (Thus the lateness of this edition of knitty news)

So, I have the box, I have the camera, I open the Dishrag Tag box with great excitement, and see:

Then I have to explain the whole pass-the-parcel/tag/race concept to the MOMD:

Then I have to cast on:

So I used the Dishrag Tag as my Road Trip Knitting (I haven't quite managed to stick to socks as travelling knitting yet - I'm not sure why...)

NEXT: We meet 2paw!!