Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Catch-up

Several times this weekend I found myself looking guiltily up from my keyboard or hands or book and thinking that there was a task somewhere that needed doing... Our weekends recently have been crammed with domestic chores and dashing off to watch hockey or grab some long-awaited items in the sales or doing a massive shop at the supermarket.
This weekend, however, seemed suddenly to be filled with space.
This was greatly helped by the MOMD and I having 2.5 days at home between us this week (looking after germy daughter, as per Monday's post), so the washing did not all stack up until the weekend, and the kitchen was not a scullery maid's nightmare, and the floors did not attempt to stick themselves to any passerby.
I had my moments of mad efficiency, cleaning things at top speed and FTL laundry-folding, vacuuming the rumpus room in a few free minutes before dinner - but the rest of the weekend was - free.
Yesterday morning I knitted for over half an hour at Mr 8's hockey; we bought a Pioneer HDD recorder in 15 mins flat yesterday and discovered that Sat parking was not worth the probable cost of going out to lunch, so went home and had lots of empty time.

Time to scan parts of the paper.
Time to catch up on some blogs. Time to knit socks.
Time to talk to my mum on the phone.
Time to cut out fabric for a princess dress (still in pieces).
Time for a dog walk each day. Time to make some serious messes and time to clean them up again.
Time to Google the episode of Doctor Who I had missed, and to watch it and finish a hat for me.
Time to swatch for Sea Tangles (baby 4ply is not going to work).
Time to think about new patterns (Alpine, anybody?).

We got a lot done, but it didn't feel as rushed as usual.
And what's more, there was time to meet the woman who is going to come and clean for two hours every Monday - I am going to be SO HAPPY to walk into the house tomorrow to discover the floors and bathrooms miraculously clean, dry laundry brought in and maybe even clean cupboard doors (depending on how her time goes).
Monkey attitude
See how happy I am? the Wedge Hat is done!!! I wore it straight away on dog-walk-#2-with-pram. It needs a good soak-and-block, but is nice and snug (a must in this windy clime). And those are the Monkey Magic socks - positively racing along! And now I shall find something to knit, and watch Doctor Who meet his daughter via our brand new HDD recorder. I'm going to live in the moment :>