Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unscheduled blog silence

I seem to have been neglecting you, dear blog readers! I have been a little busy with work, coming home from work to deal with the evening madness, and then I have been flopping on the lounge pretty much totally knackered!

I did manage to knit lots and lots on the weekend, and am two inches from finishing the back of my purple cardi, but that effort plus two long walks with three dogs plus wielding a garden fork to build a new compost heap made my right forearm a little achy, so I thought it best to have a break from the twistyness of knitting like a mad, driven knitwoman!

I have some exciting news to report, though sadly without pictorial evidence (shall provide that this weekend, if there is oppportunity) - my son, Mr J, asked to be taught how to knit!!! So, I let him choose a ball of wool from my 8ply box (he chose JS DK teal) and offered him a choice of needles (funky orange retro ones) and taught him the knitted cast on and garter stitch. He's not bad for a first-timer! Some comments he made over the weekend: "the evil power of knitting" and "look Mum - knit-jumping!!" - this was on the trampoline!!!!